My Fav Yorkshire Sites

Fav 5 Yorkshire Sites

  1. Blacktoft Sands RSPB <Bird List>  <Photos >Finding this place was like a jewel to me back in March 1986 and on the back of Bretton Park lifted my birding skills. Great place, great birds now visited over 100 times but I think the mantle may have slipped to Alkborough Flats across the river.
  2. Spurn Point <Bird List> < Photos >What can I say about Spurn? if you want to find the rare or watch migration this is the place. Many a great day here too many to mention and a place I have neglected in recent years. My favourite bird here must have been when I saw my first “Pallas Warbler”
  3. Potteric Carr <Bird List> <Photos>My first visit was back in July 1986 before the all new visitor centre, it hasn’t been till the last couple of years that I have started to re-visit “The Carr”. The site has now gone from strength to strength with new parts being added, especially the wader scrapes, now a pride in Yorkshire reserves. PS Its a great place to get bit  in season so don’t forget the insect repellent
  4. My Patch <Bird List> <Photos> It all started at Bretton Park [Bretton Bird List] back in January 1986, this is the place were I started my birding and loved the place in all seasons finding the usual and unusual. Highlights being my first Hawfinch, Lesser Whitethroat and finding a nesting Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.
  5. Old Moor RSPB. < Bird List > < Photos >Going from strength to strength as a birding destination with Wombwell, Broomhill, and Edderthrope in the same area. Great birds being seen from year to year makes for a great area for a days birding, Oh not to forget the Gannets Cafe

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