Butterfly List 2018

BOLD indicates Lifer

  1. Brimstone [April Old Moor]
  2. Brown Argus [May Goole Brick Works]
  3. Comma  [April Work]
  4. Common Blue [May Bullcliffe]
  5. Dingy Skipper [May Bullcliffe] 
  6. Essex Skipper [July Tywell Hills and Dales]
  7. Gatekeeper [July Work]
  8. Green veined White [April Work]
  9. Holly Blue [May at Work]
  10. Large Skipper [June Work]
  11. Large White [May at Work]
  12. Marbled White [July Tywell Hills and Dales]
  13. Meadow Brown [June Work]
  14. Orange tip [April Old Moor]
  15. Peacock [April Work]
  16. Purple Hairstreak [July Fermyn]
  17. Ringlet [June at Work]
  18. Silver Washed Fritillary  [July Fermyn]
  19. Small Heath [May Bullcliffe]
  20. Small Skipper [June at Work]
  21. Small Tortoiseshell [April Work]
  22. Small White [May Old Moor}
  23. Speckled Wood [April Old Moor]
  24. White Admiral [July Fermyn]