The Patch

I regard the Huddersfield Birdwatchers Club Area as “MY PATCH” and visit various sites within that area on a regular basis. The following sites being my favoured ones  :-

Huddersfield Birdwatchers Recording Area [Link to Map]

My WORK Patch Highlights can now be viewed on a new blog site at

Huddsbirder at Work {Nature on a Lunch Break}

  1. Scout Dike < Photo Galley >
  2. Ingbirchworth Reservoir <Photo Gallery >
  3. Broadstones Reservoir <Photo Gallery >
  4. Deer Hill Reservoir <Photo Gallery>
  5. Blackmoorfoot Reservoir < Photo Gallery >
  6. Roydmoor Reservoir <Photo Gallery >
  7. Langsett {Little Don Valley Area} < Photo Gallery >
  8. Bullcliff Colliery < Photo Gallery >
  9. Bretton Country Park < Photo Gallery >
  10. Digley Reservoir < Photo Gallery >
  11. Deffer Wood < Photo Gallery >
  12. Winscar Reservoir < Photo Gallery >



2 responses to “The Patch

  1. I was in search of some great guidance regarding blooms when I came across this web site. You have a lot of great tips here, may i use some of the content in my personal floral website? I would naturally backlink so people can see the main write-up. Cheers in any event .. Addison Graham

    • Thank you for the kind comments a lot of work has gone into the blog but it still needs a fair bit doing to bring it up to date. I would be more than glad to have a link from your blog too, Cheers Huddsbirder

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